Inside My Mind

I think this is the hardest part of a blog and that is the beginning, how does one introduce themselves to faceless strangers who will judge me in the first 7 seconds but since I have been judged most of my life, judge away.

I used to have a blog before but for reasons I will share with you later I destroyed hundreds of pages, hundreds of photographs, tens of thousands of words in fact it was a lot of hours of my life and it was so easy to click delete and watch it disappearing along with the list of friends, it was satisfying, even my domain Igot the deletion

I came across a person on YouTube, I watched her videos, an art student, some who loved being creative with a range of media including fascinating video techniques, I read her blog…. Hold on there a minute the word ‘blog’ I have used it a few times and I hate it so from now I am banning the word ‘blog’ and if I do use the sssshhhh word I want you to shout “Blogs behind you” and press the nearest red button.

Anyway I decided to get a new domain which would let me do it all again, if you like history there will be a bit of that, photography a bit of that also. I do hope that what I plan to write, images I am going to show, a bit of poetry, drawings and paintings you will find something you like.

If you don’t like me or anything you find within these virtual pages then I guess you will not returning, but if you do return then you will be welcomed back.

I do think differently than others, people have found me strange, so someone has to be strange, some may hate my writing, oh well. Enjoy what you like hate what you dislike I would. So here goes back to the world of the b…….. Haha. Nearly!!!.