Month: September 2016

Case of Butterflies

  The other day I wrote on this very blog that I was tied and frustrated about stuff and today I have butterflies because I feel excited about something, I feel as if I am 8 year old on the morning of Christmas I have no idea I remedy to think why I am feeling like this and the only… Read more →

I am so flustrated

Having u ever wanted to do something so bad but you just do want to because it’s easier to sit on your sofa and watch TV? I want to make new jewellery designs but something holds me on the sofa, is it because I am lazy? I am not lazy. Is it because the online shop hardly sells anything? Well… Read more →

Am I colour blind

Yesterday there were protest by a group of black people who say they are being exploited,  they are breathing in more fumes than white people from the airport so they chained themselves to the City of London airport. Good on them I am all up for peaceful protest if it really matter and not used for a person’s own end. I… Read more →