Month: October 2016

seriously, really, you must be joking!!

Last week I was feeling unwell, I had a severe problem with walking the duty doctor came and made sure I wasn’t or did not have something more serious, which it wasn’t but also couldn’t help me because I live on the full amount of painkillers, leg removal if offered I would have jumped at the chance, but knowing my… Read more →

Do they know

Ok we live on this planet with a whole range of other humans…….hold on!! This is not a plea for world peace, this is not to tell you to love your neighbour…..sorry carry on reading….   I watched a documentary on animals and the tricks they use to survive, they live to hunt and eat, we’re we just kill…..sorry it’s… Read more →

Who are you?

It’s late or early depending where in the world you are, I have a busy day tomorrow but sleep is a stranger to me so I listen to music and write on my blog, my secret blot because only two people know I write it one of them is the Almighty and the other is well she knows who she… Read more →