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Ok it’s another wide awake night tonight, the blog hasn’t been updated for a while so here goes.

I have watched for months now about people who choose to live a subsistence life style inside the arctic circle some just inside the arctic circle in a small place called Eagle, others further in and they are my heroes and extremely jealous of the life style the have. Don’t get me wrong the way they live is so hard, 200 miles from your nearest neighbour, you have to do it yourself, leave or die.

These people answer to no one but themselves, the eat when hungry, sleep when tired and work when it needs doing.

One woman runs a station for the oil workers, trappers, scientists in the spring and summer months, 8 months of the year she sees no one, she must survive on her own, she must kill what she will need for the winter months while trying to not be eaten herself by wolf’s,  bears, polar bear like the one that tore through the wall of her cabin while she slept and missed her by inches.

Then a guy lives by a lake, 400 miles from his neighbour, subsistence life for him, he has no clock, he has no calendar, he doesn’t need them as nature does that for him, he hunts for food and sells pelts from the food he just ate, he lives by a lake which is bigger than most UK villages or small town, he catches fish and he freezes them in a hut he built into the permafrost,  he went 7 months without any contact with the outside world, he saw no aircraft,  no tv, no Internet,  he remarked that if he wanted to watch something he would go outside, caribou,  beavers, the northern lights,  nature, life at its best.

These people are not loners, they are not unhinged in any way, they are people who can no longer function or don’t wish to function in modern society.

I look around at the world we look in and wonder where we went wrong, we are a society of animals of the same species,  we are the only mammals who will go out its way and purposely kill someone, we live off the misfortune of other people’s lives, we love to gossip, critical of other people, if your neighbour gets a new car, we become suspicious of them because someone told you they had no money, so you start to gossip, office politics,  even chimpanzees in the jungle behave better than most people in an office.

I watched another documentary today about the largest mammals in the world, Whales, they have a better society than humans. Man hunted whales to near extinction and whales were terrified of Man,  whales would attack and turn over the boats of men sent to kill them, up to the last 30 years they were terrified and stayed away until one day a sperm whale approached a small boat off the coast of Mexico, fearing for his life he stood frozen in fear and instead of attacking this small craft, it gently bumped the boat, then turned on its side and looked this terrified man in te eyes, the man grabbed the courage to touch the whale and the whale responded with whale song. Now boats go out to see the whale and their young and people interact with them by stroking and caressing the adults and babies. Some of the whales that allow this are very old and will have memories of the mass slaughter of their families,  but they have forgiven man for what they have done. This is such a beautiful turn around.

I want what those whales want, I want what my heroes in Alaska are doing I do not want to live in fear of crime, war, gossip about me, cruelty to child, I just to live my life without worrying how I will cover bills, the increasing price of food, i want a place in the middle of no where were I can live my own life with the person I wish to live every minute with.

I wish to get up in a morning and walk naked on to my lawn and greet the morning without anyone starting a rumour about my mental capacity.  It’s my life and I should choose how I live it and if that means off the grid with no phone, tv or neighbour so be it. But and this is the laughable part of it before I can consider this I need money the trapping of this busy, stinking, guilt ridden, polluted, bribed political parties, angry,  thuggery run planet,

To escape I need money and lots of it and that makes me weep

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