Am I colour blind

Yesterday there were protest by a group of black people who say they are being exploited,  they are breathing in more fumes than white people from the airport so they chained themselves to the City of London airport. Good on them I am all up for peaceful protest if it really matter and not used for a person’s own end.

I have never taken to the street on protest, well I did once when first UK female PM visited my town where 60% of the population were unemployed and along with a few others we shouted abuse, booed and hissed she still waved and smiled. Anyway I digress.

What was playing on my mind when I saw the airport process and again while watching Family Guy, was I don’t know any black people, also I know no Jewish people either, I know Muslims and they are so far from how the media wants us to see Muslims as bomb making, knife welding religious maniacs,  if I was laying on the floor thirsty and hungry they would give me their last penny.

So because I don’t know and black people or actively gone out and find friends who are black, does that make me racist?

I was 12 years old (70’s) when I saw a black person in real life for the very first time and Jacob was the same age as me and along with 3 other lads we shared a tent at the Elim youth camp near Bridlington.  Jacob was from Birmingham UK not Alabama and he was the only black guy on the camp site of around 300, we had a good laugh and we became friends and for two weeks we got on really well, then at the end he went his way and I went mine and we never spoke to each other again.

My school never had any other child except white, we were taught about Slavery and the  consequences of that. Even leaving school and getting my first job in fish processing factory it was all white, when served time in the RAF when I did my trade training and sent to Cosford here I met my first adult black men, from Kenya and Nigeria and even the guys from their respected countries hated each other I had a great time with both countries and tribes, as they were very trible. I was there for 12 weeks then left for my working base.

As for Jewish people I became very friendly with a Rabbi and his family who ran a finishing school for rich Jewish teens to come to the school and finish their religious education before going back and doing 2 years in the army in Israel,  I enjoyed learning about their religion customs some I wasn’t to keen to agree with, their son age 9 was outside reading and I sat and talked to him and I asked him if he wants to be a rabbi like his father……. He replied “No going to go back to Israel,  join the army to kill Arabs.”…9 year old.


So maybe I should broaden my horizons and stop living this white only life, I feel sorry for me missing out on different cultures to really come multicultural and make friends.


I am not racist just live in a white town

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