Been and Gone

Well we waited a year, we wondered if we would get to another year and I did, Christmas the supposed celebration of the birth of a baby who is here to change the world, even though I have my faith but looking out my widow to the world, my TV the world has gone to shit.

We have armed forces killing children and those trying to help, we have people sleeping on the street more now than ever because our millionaire leaders make it so difficult for us to live while our Prime minister wears £900 leather pants for an interview, do you know how far that £900 would go to feed and house a family.  Our armed forces have to claim extra from benefits because the government doesn’t pay them enough, same with nurses, police officers, ambulance crews. Old people are being found dead in homes where there is no food or heat because social care officers have been cut because the council had their social work funding cut this old woman had no one she lain in that house for 3 weeks before being discovered.

I wish people who have the power use the power they have to hep people instead of helping themselves people will always make sure the rich and powerful get first, it’s alway been the same.

Every week millions of people pay £2 a go to try to win millions on the lottery even with the odds being 35 million to 1 to escape their lives, to be rich, to never work again, to live a life of not caring.  Good luck to them if they are the one out of the 35 million other hopefuls.

I lay in bed sometimes and think what I could do with a few million,  all the people I could help how many houses I could build for families who are living in over crowded conditions, a house with a garden is their dream. Do you know how many abandoned industrial buildings which could be turned in to homeless hostels, secure safe units, where a 10×10 room with bed, bathroom, giving a person an address so they can apply for a job, where a person can get their pride and respect back. Another centre for those with addictions, needle exchange, drug and alcohol advisors, medical treatment and a place to go where people do give a damn what happens.

This government won’t do it, the next one won’t either,  they say they don’t have the money but not purchasing one nuclear weapon, or one less submarine to fire it from will build  enough units for 200 families, safe secure homes, imagine that 200 families with children out of cramped, hostels where parents share one bedroom with 3 children, please stop and think.

So Christmas is past now and we exchanged presents, we ate expensive food, some drank bottles of champagne,  beer and what ever else, we do this every year have you ever thought why, where it stared. If you read back some of my blogs you will know I worked in a few schools 1 to 1 with children and in groups and to a group of 7 year odd I asked this question

” Why do we have Christmas?” I got a few answers

Santa’s birthday

Because mum saved money to give to Santa to pay the elves to make toys

To have a big party

God’s birthday

–Isn’t it a shame that these children didn’t know the story of Christmas, whether you belive in God or not they could be told the story, it’s partly the birth of Christ but it’s the meaning of Christmas and the pleasure of giving, the pleasure of family, the duty of being a human, being good  to your neighbour. Enjoy it yes please do, get so stuffed with food and as drunk as you like but before you do, remember the homeless person, the family in the hostel who won’t be eating Christmas dinner because the two ringed hostel cooker is only good for heating tins, a neighbour, the old lady who has laid dead for days because no one remembered.


Last thought, we can give, laugh, be happy with family and friends at Christmas, why just at Christmas why not throughout the year give a little, not like those who want to be recognised for doing good deed and do it because they want their name in the paper, the professional givers, but silently, a sandwich and coffee to homeless person, how about handing a coat you have in the cupboard and never wear, hand it over, how about your old furniture don’t chuck it, there are bound to be a homeless resource centre who will take it and help furnish a new home for a family.  But if you don’t want to then that is perfectly Ok it’s your choice.

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