Black Greed and White Giving

Today was Black Friday a day when the country goes mad and spends millions some says billions on things that we don’t really need, Christmas presents for a day that for the majority of people has only one meaning to eat, drink and see what has been bought from them, forgetting the real reason of why we have Christmas.

We all know the Christmas story the birth of Jesus Christ to the Virgin Mary who with her husband travelled to Bethlehem to find no room at any Inn so the birth took place in a stable and he was laid wrapped in blankets into a manger. The child who had come into this world to save mankind from ourselves was born in the lowest place that could be found. The new baby was visited by shepherds hard working hill side shepherds who would stay awake to protect their sheep and lambs from wolves and wild big cats, the good against evil, then as the story goes 3 Wise men or 3 kings from afar travelled together following a star, a sign given by God to lead these 3 people by night and a flame by day but as they got close the stopped to the local king and asked where they could find the new child who would grow to be king. The local king didn’t like this and didn’t want this new kit kicking him off his throne so he ordered the death of every new baby in his part of the country. The 3 wisemen/kings gave their gifts to the baby, had a chat and then left, God warned of King He rods plan so the new family left and headed back to where the came from.

OK that’s the story which I believe happened, many tell the story but don’t believe it. Yet why celebrate it? That’s like having a birthday party for someone you have just made up, I have invented Great Uncle Bert, it’s his birthday 4th April let’s have a party, give each other gifts and have a huge meal………. You wouldn’t would you?

So let’s think how much money do you spend on a party to celebrate a birthday 2016 years ago, why do you almost make yourself bankrupt on gift that children demand because the have seen them on their tv They have baby sitting them in the bedroom?

Starting with the first aisle of Christmas decorations mixed with the Halloween costumes and the devils pitch forks, you cannot get a symbol of  Good vs Evil than in the supermarket aisle in November and we buy into it, we buy into Halloween………. You have just bought a bag of chocolate skulls, a devils costume for one of your children and a mask that leaks fake blood and a dead brides outfit, a torn wedding dress covered in fake blood.

Then what do you do next? You buy a Christmas angel costume for your dead bride child and the shepherd outfit for your little devil, no fake blood but fake snow, no chocolate skulls, chocolate coins for the stocking which will hang above the fake coal fire. Why do we do it year after year, why do we go mad for this commercialisation of seasonal events. I write this in the last couple of days before the end of November the companies who make Easter Eggs are having some of the busiest days, why as its nearly 5 months before Easter? Because soon as the calendar hits January 2nd the Easter Eggs start rolling into the supermarkets and the advertisements for Cadbury Cream Eggs start to appear on the TV……It makes my heart weep it really does these special times of the years whether Pagan or Christian are torn to pieces by selling us a perfect time.

We now wait to see which company is the first to advertise on TV for Christmas, some of these adverts costs hundreds of thousands to make, they are mini movies to convince us that we can have the perfect Christmas day, with beautifully laid out Christmas table, happy smiling family members sitting around a large table with the father slicing the perfectly cooked turkey and children who have Brussel sprouts on their plates ‘Let it be a magical Christmas’ the song orders us on this most Christian day.

After feeding our faces do we think of those who are not, the old man that lives on his own at number 14 sitting with a ham sandwich because he has no partner because she died earlier in the year after 67 year of marriage and his children live on the other side of the world…… so you think because you have never spoken to him, but you never see anyone visiting (Think) or those without a number 14, those who slept again in the door way, ‘Oh they are there because of drugs and alcohol, its their fault’……….

How do you know? have you stopped and asked, have you bent down and handed a sandwich or a coffee, have you said good morning as you give a £1 coin, you know the £1 you are going to spend on the chocolate skulls or the net of chocolate Christmas coins.

Not everyone who lives on the streets do drugs or down bottles of cheap booze unlike the government would like you to think that, The estimated 635,000 empty properties in England alone are a complete and utter waste of housing when there are so many homeless families looking for somewhere to live. A large number of these (200,000) have been left empty for over six months, there are 60,000 homeless people in the UK and the UK government is demanding that new houses are being built on Brown Belt and Green Belt land, not to house the homeless but to sell at over inflated prices which are out the prices range of normal, low paid workers. ITS DISGUSTING……..

So lets get back to your Christmas are you stressing yet, who are coming for your Christmas day lunch, remember not to sit your sister next to you your brothers wife and keep uncle Bert also away from your brothers wife because of his hand that he say is Parkinson. Now Gran is coming this year again as the care home do not have the staff and have asked if family could take them for the day, she will have to sit next to your sister as she is a nurse and will need help with cutting up her meat and she does tend to choke and last year her bottom set landed in Uncle Jims glass of expensive wine which he brought and refused to share who is not coming this year and neither is his wife because she is 30 years his junior and you cannot help if your son is going through those teenage years where a cleavage attracts his eyes, but you never started the rumour about Uncle Jims first wife delivered her and went to school with her mother.

Oh don’t forget your sister boyfriend is a vegetarian and will not eat anything that has been next to meat so his roast potatoes have to be cooked in sunflower oil and not duck fat and cooked in a separate tray and not as the same time as the turkey. Your daughter 11 years old going on 18 she will insist and sitting next to your sister boyfriend and having the tablet you bought her at the table as she need to keep an eye on it in case her boyfriend Skypes her.

After the meal everyone sits themselves down in front of the TV and you look at the dining room and it looks like a food bomb has gone off and the shrapnel had hit the kitchen and you are stood in your gravy stained apron looking for help that is not going to come, you can feel the knot in your stomach rising, the anger, the scream rising, but its Christmas, must not spoil it for others……..I bet the old man at number 14 would have helped you, he would have jumped at the chance to help you, just for the company, just for human contact on the most family orientated day of the year……..

So, so far we have seen Black Friday or as its now Black Weekend, how it forces us to spend money that many of us do not have, breaking the bank for the new year, how Christmas is no longer about the birth of Christ the basis of how we live, some of us. Its about spending money, how the super markets are not giving any thought to the religious meaning of Christmas they mix it with Halloween which is the total opposite of what the meaning of Christmas is about both are said to be Pagan festivals but its still Good vs Evil.

Forget the religious part of Christmas, the birth of Christ Jesus, and think about the giving the swapping of presents ………. an advert has just announced ” Spread the cost of Christmas buy now pay nothing for 12 months” back to giving and swapping, how much do you spend on a single child at Christmas well here are some shocking figures for you….

New research from YouGov suggests Christmas spending will be flat, with British households spending an average of £821 – a slight decrease of £1 on last year.

The figures show households expect to splash out £604 on gifts, an increase of 0.8% on 2013. The survey also found that the average proposed food and drink spend will be £174 (a 3.5% reduction on last year) and £43 on cards, trees and decorations (a rise of 0.2% on the previous Christmas).

YouGov’s Christmas spending intentions survey suggests the UK’s total intended festive spend will be around £22.5 billion. This is a slight increase on the £22.3 billion in 2013 and is driven by an increase in the adult population of the UK rather than an increase in consumers’ willingness to spend.

I think that is utterly disgusting, if each person who is in charge of spending £604  gave £10 to a homeless charity that will make sure at least half of 60,000 people will have a home, they will have a place of safety, somewhere warm they can lay their head, they can cook a turkey, they can get a job….. Imagine two most important things a home to call your own and a job to support yourself, no more cold shop doors, no insults, no beatings, no one setting fire to your sleeping bag, no one dumping buckets of water on you, no one stealing what little property you have. Imagine being able to go and get food to eat from your own cupboard and most of all you would have dignity.

So I am going to finish here by summing up.

Separate Christmas and Halloween, the two are not meant to meet, if you agree with me tell your supermarket, get Halloween off the shelves before the words Christmas are mentioned, I know they have to provide for all the customers, but start a new trend

Keep Christmas as Christmas, not just a chance to eat and drink, think about why you are giving and the reason you are giving. Think about your neighbours, who are your neighbours, are they alone on the 25th, knock on the door and ask, if you have been alone for a week, just think how that would be, alone with just your TV or radio for company, may not even being able to cook for yourself, frightened at the sound of your doors rattling…… Go and ask a neighbour if they say no, make sure if they are not alone and if they will be but rather stay in the house offer to bring food to them, tell them that you want to and its no problem.

Think of others before yourself £10 isn’t a lot but collectively there are in the UK 29.17 million people in employment aged 16 and over imagine if each person gave £10 to a homeless charity……WOW.
If you see someone homeless, ask them if they are OK, offer a coffee and a sandwich, if you have spare blankets take it with you old coats, shoe, socks then give, give, give. You will feel fantastic giving makes you so happy.

If you are religious, doesn’t matter what religion please pray for people around you, prey for hope, prey for peace and pray for the world we live in.

This post started about Black Friday but I followed my thoughts and this is what I ended with. Thank you for your time.

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