Catching light.

(6)One thing in my life that has always been a part of me is my camera, I have always had a camera by my side not for any real purpose except to snap a moment. I have photographs everywhere in albums and carrier bags and boxes, nothing that will astound anyone just photos. When I started to learn what I was doing with a camera and more important what the camera was doing for me, starting to understand the way light is reflected, understanding the way light travels in straight lines but also in waves and each colour I was seeing was made from the splitting of light, photography stopped being pointing and shooting but understanding this fantastic gift of a rainbow spectrum how white light becomes and amazing river of colour just there waiting to be captured and giving pleasure, I went from a simple snapper to appreciating the world around me, the world some amazing colours that God has giving us to enjoy.

cottageWhat colour is grass? I bet you say GREEN, but have you stopped and looked, grass is many different greens, even blue, some red. If you were asked what colour of the sea? BLUE, you may say, it’s only blue if the sky is blue, the sea is green, grey, orange, white.

What is the one thing about nature that people miss? Nature’s colours never clash. Think about it, when I was told that I spent a week looking around and it’s true nature doesn’t clash. Sit yourself in a park and look around even more so at the height of the autumnal change, the only thing that clashes with nature is human beings, we clash not only with nature’s display but with nature itself we chop down, we dig up, we tear down and poisoning some of the most beautiful colours that nature has given us, to prove my point that nature 20140818145606-12556003-menever clashes take your photos in black and white even the mono photo hues will never clash.

Being a photographer I do use my eyes more as I am looking for a particular subject in a particular light, even shade, to have patience to sit and wait and sit and wait and sit and weight for that right moment. I don’t claim to be a good photographer and not that I know everything about photography as its a live, like light its always changing a new way to capture a subject, using a style or a lens, its every photographers dream to capture the ultimate image but no one will ever do that because what I like its different then what you like and so on, then we have the critics, those so called experts who make or break a photographer with a few line in a national newspapers for which the sheep will follow and spend millions on a photograph which to everyone else is………well you make up your mind.
most expensive






Yes its true $4million for the above, the mind boggles but if you have millions then its possible loose change in ones back pocket, but as I don’t sell many photos and when I do they are not much over £5 I am pleased to have sold something, I enjoy the photography that has gone from employment to a hobby and I think I enjoy it more. If you wish to have a look then please go here to my gallery. Thank you.

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