Christmas is not…….

Christmas Without Brussels Sprouts…an advert on TV tonight.

2016-11-27-01-01-38-706238270Have we sank so low in our beliefs that we think that a green vegetable has take the place of Jesus Christ who without his birth in a stable surrounded by animals, there would be no Christmas, there would be no sharing of gifts, no getting together,  families sitting around a festive table laughing and joking…….

Hold on that is is we like to think of Christmas….

The majority of people dont think a second about why we have Christmas and have taken Christ out of 2016-11-27-00-49-46-463061554Christmas so all we have is Mas, mas purchasing of expensive gifts for children who attend schools were assemblies are not longer Christian based, mas hatred of other faiths, mas drinking of alcohol, mas fights on the streets on in the home, mas killings happening around the world, mas commercialisation of the images25th December, mas debit parents get into for that latest toy, mas of tear by the child who for 25th December gets to open his living room oor to see their parents shooting up, or empty bottles of vodka and strangers on the floor, the mas of homeless sleeping in the doorway their gift is abuse and the cold, the mas of old people on their own on the 25th December because no one cares, mas of suicides, the mas of calls made to the Sarmaritains and not calls to the  love of families, the person laying dead in a mas of loneliness.


Why have we come to this point of taking Christ out of the 25th December when it should mean so much. Even though you don’t believe in Christ you know his message it’s on a mas of cards you sent,  sending Peace and Love.

Please just stop and think before you put that Brussels Sprout in your mouth while wearing that expensive Watch or that gold necklace, before you play on that latest game system take a moment and give a thought about those who live with mas sorrow.

Think what you can do this coming new year how you can help putting Peace and Love into someone’s life you will have 364 days from the last eaten Brussels Sprout to do a single act of Love an Peace and when it’s time again to peel the Sprouts you then have the right to have a very Merry Christmas as you will have learnt that Christmas is more than credit cards, Pay Day Loans and over indulgent, you would have realised giving not just at Christmas to those who need it, it makes you feel what real  Peace & Love is and it stays with you for 365 days, much better than one day.

Go with Peace and Love.

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