Do they know

Ok we live on this planet with a whole range of other humans…….hold on!! This is not a plea for world peace, this is not to tell you to love your neighbour…..sorry carry on reading….


I watched a documentary on animals and the tricks they use to survive, they live to hunt and eat, we’re we just kill…..sorry it’s my empathy leaking again…. any way animal, watching blah blah.

Just recently a new snake was discovered in the desert somewhere ( if you read my other posts you will know I have a brain problem and memory is not my strongest…. now what was I talking about? Oh yes..) at first the person who discovered it didn’t see a snake but this beautiful insect flying around this jumbled of rocks, a flying insect he didn’t recognise,  as he filmed a bird about the size of a thrush swooped down to eat the bug but WHAAAMMM the snake got the bird…. The bug did it escape? No because the bug was the snake…..well slap me with a pink fish and call me Brenda, this snake has a flying bug shape on the end of his frigging tail, I nearly shit when I saw that, the bird was not happy though!!. Nature is cruel and fantastic though……. Ok you can close your mouth now BTW.

Ok now my question to you dear reader, is this snake very clever knowing that the end of its tail is a bug like bit, or does it wonder like a teenager after his first orgasm think “fecking hell look what happens if I shake it”

Seriously if this snake know what he/she is doing it must be self-aware, it must know that if he wants food I shake my wee timmerin’ beastie I will attract food, or he/she has no realisation what he is doing or not, the snake must know that is a way to catch food.

Some animals are smarter than others and are self aware experiments with dolphins and a mirror shows that dolphins do a range of facial movements and even blows bubbles to itself, even when there are two looking in the same mirror they communicate and look at each other and produce clicks deemed to be happiness.

Whale especially the Sperm whales ( please no four skin diver jokes) stayed away from whaling ships and humans, now in the past 10 years whales have started to come to whale watching boats to allowing them to be touched even encouraging baby and young whales to communicate with humans with the mothers nudging the young to the boats to be stroked and even swimming with these large and highly intelligent mammals.

Elephants have also shown intellect the will show empathy when one of their herd has died though old age or killed by poachers, the will stand over the dead elephant even cover it with sand and known to place grasses on the animal, they are grieving. While the BBC was filing in Africa about elephants and single one camp wandering into the ranger station and sitting on a bench was about 15 radio collars which are placed around the necks of elephants,  this one animal wandered up to the row of collars and after a few minutes this animal pick up one and stood there with it in his trunk played with it, stroked it with its trunk, put it back and wandered back to join its herd. When records were checked the collar belonged to an elephant that was murdered,  its tusks hacked off, from the same herd that the wandering elephant belonged to. That elephant was grieving,  it was sad and it remembered.

It makes me so sad that we are not only killing each other over religion,  power and control, oil, trees, drugs, money or just for nothing but we are killing highly intelligent,  mammals so rich people can have trinkets, carving of ancient stories, family history in one of the most sort after materials, ivory. Japan hunt down and murder in the name of science beautiful gentle, forgiving mammals such as Sperm Whales and Dolphins who also have been seen grieving for their dead

If you have read this far thank you, I hope you will look at animals differently,  call it intelligence,  instinct,  learned response, just take a look at the apes, they use tools, rocks to break open nuts and chimps who will get a stick to place in holes to extract honey or termites and chimps will break the stick if it’s to long and use palm leaves as umbrellas and we are killing their mothers, taking baby apes to sell to people around the world, photographers props, as pets or to work in illegal circus shows.

All animal need saving, but we are tearing down  their habitats for our western greed. It’s not fair is it really We have a fantastic planet full of wondrous,  highly intelligent animal, some are smarter than some people I know, all they want is to live and be left alone.

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