How do you feel?

10 years ago I predicted this would happen, I worked for my experience behind the camera, I worked on the street, I been in the middle of riots, stood hours for a single shot that would at least put food on the table, worked all through the night in the pouring rain to make sure my picture editor bought my image. Then come along the bored ones who spend their redundancy money on a brand new shiny Nikon and a collection of lenses, stick it on auto and call themselves a photographer, they start doing weddings and portraits after reading a book…………
FFS!!!! You are not a photographer, you’re a fat bloke with a camera, Your not a photographer you’re a bored house wife who were given a camera for Christmas. Your not a photographer, you’re the office 16-year-old lackey who have been told to take a photo of a parade with your compact sure shot. There is no philosophy of photography, it’s a machine, the same as a car, same as a metal press, same as a bicycle, same as a pencil, same as a lock on a door……..its not a magical way to make money, it’s a machine a means to an end. The person holding the camera whose job is to capture the news, capture the bride, capture, the new-born baby, to capture the fire that four people died in, capture the streets of Iraqi city where 50 people who have been blown to bits because of a car bomb.

How many of you reading this know what an F stop is, what it does and how it affects your image. Real photographer have spent years homing their skills and still learning.

If you are a photographer and spend your day fiddling with your camera and take 20 frames of the same flower because you want it right……..your not a photographer you’re a person with a camera.

If you are waiting for the bride and it starts to rain and you don’t know what to do – Your not a photographer

If your editor has shoved a point and shoot in your hand and told to get a quick snap of Prince Charles as he walks by…..tell him you’re not a photographer.

If you have sat for an hour plus typing about the philosophy of photography for a WordPress get a life.

Most REAL photographers have ethics, follow rules, carry step ladders in their car, use the view finder and spent years learning and know how to change film as well as cards while running.

The real photographers are loosing their jobs because of people with camera including mobile phones offering to take photographers, its shit!!!!!!

Take photos, take as many as you like but if you feel wrong when you say you’re a photographer. Don’t!!

A friend of mine who is in his late 60’s who has worked as a photographer since 16, whose father was a photographer and his grandfather was a photographer. He is a fellow of the British Institute of Professional Photography, won a heap of awards, including wedding photographer of the year, portrait photographer of the year many many time. He is also a qualified aerial photographer among other things, has to give up because three ‘photographers’ I use the world loosely have opened in his town, I don’t mind someone making a living but if none have no qualification between them………..That is a crying shame.

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