I am so flustrated

How annoying is this fence

Having u ever wanted to do something so bad but you just do want to because it’s easier to sit on your sofa and watch TV?

I want to make new jewellery designs but something holds me on the sofa, is it because I am lazy? I am not lazy.

Is it because the online shop hardly sells anything? Well I knew it would be slow?

Is it I don’t know how to make some of the designs? I know the designs.

Is it because it’s pain to sit for a few hours? Well I am in pain 24/7 so any different type of seat I have won’t matter either way.

Maybe I am having a off time but It is so frustrating it makes me angry, It’s like part of me encourages me to to go and work, then the other side says “Oh it’s ok you can do it tomorrow,”

Tomorrow arrives and the excuse is the same.

Fecking frustrating and is getting on my flecking nerves!!!!!!!!!!


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