It’s not my fault!!

I have not written for a while so since I am wide awake mainly by pain and some of worry I will tell you a story……The voice of Max Bygrave popped into my head when I typed out “I want to tell me a story” Well add that to the many other voices inside my head.

Anyway the title ‘It’s not my fault’ Some of you, well one of you that I know for sure reads these and already know about what I am going to say.

Why am I treated like a 3rd rate citizen, just because I use walking sticks and walk funny the UK government taken £2000 a year off me, why? I hear you scream, because I worked since leaving school till my accident, I paid more tax to te UK taxman, more than Facebook has paid, because of that they say I am not entitled to Working Tax Credit, but if I had not worked or not paying taxi would be ok and wouldn’t lose it.

It’s sick, it’s nasty to tax disabled people’s benefits as all they have to live on. It’s not my fault I am disabled is it?

If I drank myself stupid laid in a shop doorway, having pissed myself and stinking of 3 day old vomit, but because I would be unable to work I am classed as disabled, if I stuck a needle in my views and pumped my body full of all the shit of the day and unable to work because of my drug addiction and enter way I would have all manner of do Gooders wanting to help me now I am an alcoholic druggy, chucking money at me

But I am neither and due to no fault of my own I am disabled! And instead of help I get treated like an out cast.

That’s enough from me!


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