life ahead ——-》

My life has or is coming to a halt, it’s has me wondering what is going to be ahead of me, that’s not a question it’s a thought, I know one partially thing what is going to happen as that I know for sure, but then what. Tonight I spoke with someone who shares my thoughts and ambitions which I am honoured to share theirs and we spoke about a job on one of the large Scottish country estates,  the millionaire playground of fishing, shooting, plush weekend cabins costing more money than many can earn in 6 months, many of these estate office jos as many manual estate jobs come with a house.

For many years I lived in the countryside surrounded by hills, forests and open fields, rivers and lochs, the silence at night and no lightt pollution. Warm summer evenings in the garden watching the sunset and the stars twinkling in the clear night sky. In the back garden sees fresh vegetables pushing their way through the ground, fresh and chemical free.

Do I want to move back? As much as water is wet, the sky is blue and the sunrises every morning, it hurts thinking of the not lving in the country, there are a few draw backs, shop not on the corner of the street, when it snows you will be the last to get the snow plough unless you have  happy landlord or local farmer with a tractor and plough on the front, then there is the cold, but a good wood stove keeping you cosy and warm.

The positive outweighs the negative and I miss it so much like I am missing an arm, but I know someone will make it all better and life will be so joyous. No pollution,  no crime, happy neighbours 5 miles away, looking out to God’s canvas every morning which is repainted every day. Most of all to share it with someone.

The country is the best and always will be.

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