Stiff Little Fingers

friendsLast October I had an operation on my hand to take pressure off my nerves, the operation was a great success so I thought.  The pins and needles have gone but the pain in the palm of my hand is terrible, even the slightest pressure cause me to say ouch in a very loud and a profanity is expelled from between my lips which would make a sailor blush.

So Monday I took a 70 mile round trip to see the surgeon which I spent more time in the waiting area of this extremely hot waiting area, no ventilation,  just heat but the receptionist had a fan, it wasn’t just the heat it was the smell, you going to the hospital you want to be clean and presentable, so why is it that some look like they had slept rough and the odour a mix of cigarettes,  body odour and that damp smell you find in empty hoses that have been empty for a while, if I am sitting for 45 minutes I expect to be breathing and smelling the cleaners of a hospital.

Anyway moving on from the smell, my name is called just after I had hacked into the hospital wifi to put my status on Facebook “The smell is bad in this hospital no wonder sick people get sicker in hospital #fusty” I am invited to follow a very smiley nurse down a long corridor to the office of the waiting surgeon, who is Eastern European,  nothing wrong with that as long as he works and pays his taxes. He read the report from my doctor,  we not my doctor because you have to wait weeks for an appointment,  so I saw another doctor who is also Eastern European who wrote to the surgeon about the pain and the increased pain in my finger joints.

So he proved and probed telling me in an accent I had to listen to veryfriends carefully. He said and sorry I don’t do accents, i once tried a Welsh accent and the man asked if I was from the east side of India,  anyhow he said ” Your pain is from the operation (I knew that, does that make me a surgeon? ) and may take a year to settle down (they never told me that before they cut me open) as for your finger joints (which he squeezed and caused shooting pains that made go ouch politely) your joints are worn out and will start to deform, so use non steroid anti-inflammatory cream at night wear cotton gloves that should help with the pain and inflammation the next day,” I knew that also, I wonder where i can get a ‘I am a surgeon’ badge?.

He then said “That’s it now, remember non steroid cream” he took my hand, I thought he was going to get down on one knee, he pointed to the dents in my palm asked me if they were painful, not a proposal then but I still said yes to his question and he said “unknown long word” which I didn’t understand, I smiled and nodded to my agreement since nothing then happened I had not offered my kidney to him. The tendons in my hands are knotting pulling my fingers into my palm which will need a put to sleep operation which is not an excursion I want to go on thank you very much. I said thank you (don’t know what for he had just gave me a heap of bad news) he thanked me for coming,  wished me a happy new year and we parted company, his room did smell nice a mix for disinfection and the sweat of the junior doctors.

I left the hospital and treated myself to a KFC Street Wise Lunch Box and a very watery diet Pepsi before heading to do a little bit for shopping.

So in conclusion my palm will hurt for a year,  my knuckles and finger joints will carry on being sometimes swollen and all the time painful. Have made an appointment to see the practice nurse on Friday she will get a doctor to write it for the cream, cotton gloves from somewhere and live with it.

Sometime as I lay in bed in the early hours of the morning I wonder, why me, I live constantly in pain, I take some extremely powerful drugs in the form of patches and tablets, the pain through out my body hurts constantly,  I have never harmed another person,  i treat people correctly and politely, i know some terrible people are happy as Larry, not a single thing wrong with them and I cannot even ink nose or wipe my arse without it hurting, I need a Portuguese nurse to help me every day 🙂


I still try to paint and this is my first Celtic Knot on canvas.


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