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Why are we bound… by the rules of faceless companies, where when things go wrong its like getting a day trip to a naked ramblers convention on the streets of North Korea!! My phone broke, no I didn’t do it, so I did what it said in my contract and the information on my phones companies website. I contacted Microsoft… Read more →

Black Greed and White Giving

Today was Black Friday a day when the country goes mad and spends millions some says billions on things that we don’t really need, Christmas presents for a day that for the majority of people has only one meaning to eat, drink and see what has been bought from them, forgetting the real reason of why we have Christmas. We… Read more →


“Oh no not someone else talking about how much pain they are in and nobody understands it….blah blah blah.” Yes it is about pain, if your not interested then sod off…. no one is making you stick around and participate. How many times have you wanted to say to someone who is being a real pain, they sit and moan… Read more →