Who are you?

It’s late or early depending where in the world you are, I have a busy day tomorrow but sleep is a stranger to me so I listen to music and write on my blog, my secret blot because only two people know I write it one of them is the Almighty and the other is well she knows who she is and I bet she has a smile on her face just now.

So who are you who reads my posts, I know people from around the world do come on here as I have the visits logged. People sign up but what the software does tell me if the sign up email has been placed on a blacklist of spammers, hacker, twat heads who sit on my site but as I get notified and if they are using a blacklisted email and with a swipe and a click they are removed and banned simple.

So who are you who read my posts, do you find my words helpful, do you think i am an idiot with nothing better to do, or do you look forward to reading my posts, visit often looking for the next installment?

Maybe the hacker twats, The Almighty, She who knows and myself are the only people who do visit but really I don’t care as I love writing my posts, letting my mind ramble for the audience of two and I know the Almighty already know everything and the other person also knows me but still reads to maybe find something new about me.

If you do read my posts you will know that I live 90% of my life is pain didcandle you know that 30% of pain is not all in your head but it’s psychological so 60% of my life is real pain, think about toothache and then imagine the worse every, then imagine in 80% of your body for hours and hours day or night.

This blog allows me to reduce that time by writing about it, it’s just an escape from what is, day-to-day when writing it allows my mind to flow, get rid of cobwebs and negativity and laugh at my silly mistakes when write, a subject I think about pops into my head and I mess with it, try to mix it about.

So if you do read this, have an idea you would like me to cover as I am open to suggestions it doesn’t have to be sensible, but not disgusting as I know that a certain amount of perverts like blogs, getting their rocks off of pictures of daily routine but we all have a fetish or a like that gets our jolly. So comment, using a name, what you think and a topic.

If you’re not a time waster Hi Five, if you are then find a proper hobby, it won’t lead you anywhere.


Thank You.


S                 S

M         E

.         I   L

BTW– If you came here because of the tags, you must be well disappointed.  Sorry couldn’t resist teasing you…… Who ever you are!!!

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