gsmarena_001 mobile arse Why are we bound…

by the rules of faceless companies, where when things go wrong its like getting a day trip to a naked ramblers convention on the streets of North Korea!!

My phone broke, no I didn’t do it, so I did what it said in my contract and the information on my phones companies website.

I contacted Microsoft via their website, they confirmed that my phone was in warranty which a good start and I had to wrap it, print of something they said, so like a good customer I am, I did that.
This is when it all started to go wrong. The label said Pick Up by UPS 2nd May, 2nd May come and went, I complained they said “It was a bank holiday you were given the wrong date” It may have been a Bank Holiday but in my world it was a normal working day.

So it was picked up 3rd May, I waved goodbye and waited till it came back to daddy, 1 week later it is returned, unfixed with first report it was out of warranty, well I know it wasn’t because the Microsoft website said it wasn’t, so who was lying?
talkmobileExcuse number two when I phoned them, I got this Asian female who was so hard to understand, I gave her all the details and asked why it wasn’t going to be fixed, she kept saying my screen was cracked, I kept telling her that my screen isn’t cracked and she insisted it was, after I told her I was sitting with my phone in my frigging hand and the screen wasn’t broken. She asked me to ‘Wait please’ put on some extremely nasty loud music 15 minutes later, I hand up.

While all that was going on I was having an even less entertaining conversation to Talkmobile, the company I phone-arse1give my money to each month and they were as useful as a pile of dog poo and a summer’s day, they kept telling me that they were sympathetic to my situation and that if that what Microsoft say then they are sorry I will still have to pay…….. Thanks Talk Mobile for looking after your customer,

So then Microsoft phone me, I don’t know the international number so I don’t answer, I get some female called Grace, she is an equally bad Indian accent and spoke so fast that how anyone except herself knew what she was saying.
So I go to the website of Microsoft Mobile and use the ‘chat function’ they have and I was number 1 waiting. This person introduces herself I tell her my story of woe, she then she said please wait, at that point Asian woman number 1, Grace sent me an email telling me information I already knew, so I told the chat woman it doesn’t matter ‘Good Bye’

So I have a broken phone I have been accused of breaking, which is still in warranty and they refuse to fix, What do I do?
This is what pisses me off there is no one accountable, Microsoft the largest software company in the world, who know own Nokia, do the over paid executives who are sitting in ivory tower, getting millions of £ or $ in bonuses while me the customer that helped them get their millions are having their broken phones shoved up their arses. If they don’t care is the Asian woman 1 or 2 who sit answering the phone and reading the instructions from a screen like some robot, the so-called engineers, do they actually know how to fix a mobile phone if they did not have a screen in front of them which tells then what is wrong…….The may even get a diagram how to shove it up the customers arse, less the battery, memory card and Sim as you are not to suppose to send them.

picture-11Who has the last say, who can over rule a decision, who can say ‘Sorry we made a mistake, you can have your phone fixed’

One thing which really rattled me when I said “You know I am disabled and I fall and I need a mobile close at hand to call for help”

They replied

“Oh you better be careful than haven’t you”

So Microsoft Mobile Phone Division and Talk Mobile I hope your executives can sleep well knowing that I could be laying on the floor for up to 8 hours, because Microsoft your new phones are shit and Talk Mobile thanks for supporting your loyal customer……….NOT!!!


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