Yes Jesus loves me.

Religion, the start of the majority of conflicts going back thousands of years, so why has religion always been a winner? Because evil people have used religion to get what Tey wanted, to control the masses and gather wealth. Look at te Vatican calling out about children dying of hunger in Syria and Africa while the Vatican gather and store wealth in the name of God.

I dislike religion I hate what it stands for, this doesn’t mean I don’t dislike God, if I was God I would dislike religion also. I have faith, faith is so far from religion they are world’s apart.

What is faith? Faith is when you believe in someone and what they stand for, my faith is in God and his son and the Holy Spirit, my faith is to follow simple rules on how you treat yor fellow human doesn’t matter who they are, the could be from a totally different religion or faith, I will do them no harm but instead accept them, care for them and love them.

You don’t even have to have a religion or faith I will still support you and do my best to make sure you are feed, given a drink and warm.

Why do you do this, why are you so nice, trusting and see the good in everyone,  I have been asked many times the same question  and my answer is because the need is there.

Jesus walk  about doing miracles, me I can’t do miracles  so I help people when I can, it brings me joy, I know the people I have helped are grateful and if I can turn just one person’s life around then God will be pleased and so will I be.

Yes I love God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit and I enjoy the people I meet on the way.

Be nice to everyone, love doing it and feel the love.








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