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The Bright Side Of Pediatric Oncology

Whenever I tell people that I worked in Pediatric Oncology, I always get the same response. “That’s so sad. How could you do that?” Childhood cancer obviously has its moments that are heartbreaking; some more obvious than others. You have days when...

STOP POLITICIZING MEDICINE: Facts vs. Myths of the Frontline Doctors Video

America’s Frontline Doctors. This viral video has been circulating over the last day or so and I’ve been replying to some on their posts, but I figured since so many are both sharing this post and have been engaging in civil conversation (thank you!),...

Facebook is a disease.

I am not a religious person. I would consider myself “Agnostic” if I had to put myself in a category. However, for the sake of my narrative, let’s assume that the biblical version of God and the Devil exists. People tend to personify things,...

Some people have the inability to see faces, and it’s actually quite common.

Have you ever gone out into public, pre-quarantine, with the fear that you might recognize someone you know? No one on this planet wants to do small talk with that dude that sat behind you in geometry class in 2009, right!? Well, what if you...

Hydroxychloroquine has become less about the PATIENTS and more about the POLLS

I hold no political affiliation. I feel like it is important that I make that message clear before I begin. I think the far left and the far right are equally absurd and to choose one political agenda over the other, without even CONSIDERING...

Full Length Episode Of ‘The Office’ (Coronavirus Edition)

I wrote a full length episode of ‘The Office’ that was inspired by the coronavirus. I know what you are thinking and yes, I do have a lot of free time right now. The episode takes place circa season 3.

Cliff Notes Of The Coronavirus (brief summary of the COVID-19 pandemic)

Everyday, thousands of articles regarding the coronavirus are being written. People are either downplaying the current situation or they are having a full blown panic attack inside their bomb shelter, sitting on a throne of toilet paper they have stockpiled. Regardless, I...

Full Length Episode of ‘The Office’ – [Script]

Click to read my full length episode of The Office, titled “The Tinder Date.”

How My Internal Monologue Affects My Attention Deficit Disorder

My name is Ryan Langdon and I accidently blew the minds of over 10 million people this week. It has been a wild experience. I have received thousands of messages from all types of people. I have received interview invites, messages from celebrities, and...

There Are People Who Are Unable To Visualize Their Thoughts

If I told you to close your eyes and picture your bedroom, I’m sure the majority of you can do that. You can probably see the color of your walls, where your bed is, and the pile of (clean?) laundry in the corner of...