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How come The Queens Gambit has people talking about chess, but when Fetty Wap wrote the hit song “trap queen” (clearly about the struggles of trapping your opponents queen), no one cared.

Y’all are fake chess fans and it shows.

“Tiger Woods” is such a wild name for anyone other than a professional athlete. Imagine calling your kid Tiger and he ends up being like an accountant or something.

Just finished The Queens Gambit, and I just wanted to let y’all know I’m now pursuing my dreams of becoming a world champion chess player.

The little horse thing does what again? Asking for a friend.

Guys I’m going for something that I have been working for my whole life. I’ve been training for this.

Today, I am attempting to complete the Masters Quad Nap. A nap on each day of the Masters Tournament. With a little bit a support, I think I can make this happen.

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